Breweries get asked a lot of the same questions. Some with amazing regularity. Here’s our attempt to give you answers to some of the most common.


Easily the most common question. We get it. You love dogs. So do we. But, unfortunately, we can’t legally have them in our taproom. Yet. Sorry. It’s beyond our control. We are actively working on changing this and will let you know as soon as we can proudly declare ourselves as dog-friendly.


Lots of options. Feel free to bring food in or get takeout delivered. You can order from our neighbors, The Naughty Greek, and they’ll deliver your food right to your table. We also try keep a rotating food truck outside.


We have our own growlers and crowlers available for purchase and filling. In addition, we will happily fill your own growler, even if from another brewery. Please just make sure it’s clean.


Yep, we have one. And it’s glorious. It opens up when the weather isn’t being a bit much. Which, because we’re in Minnesota, can vary day-to-day (and hour-to-hour).


Sure, bring them in. Just try not to do anything that will embarrass them later in life. We even do a special Tot Time every Sunday from 12-2 where we break out some kids toys. Great for those with young kids and those who are still kids-at-heart.


There’s a couple free lots nearby (see map). There’s also plenty of metered street parking. Please don’t park in the lot behind the brewery, as that’s reserved for C&E residents.