Brewing Philosophy

We believe beer can be many things to many people. It can be a reward at the end of a long day or an accessory to a lazy summer afternoon. It can be an excuse to sit and talk with old friends or assist in the development a relationship that is new. It can even be a transcendental experience. But sometimes, it is best when, a beer is just a beer. We believe quality starts with simple ideas, good ingredients and clean execution.  If you build from that foundation, it will speak for itself. From there, a beer can be anything you want it to be.

Current Tap List

Our Current Tap List will be updated weekly on Monday and Friday.
*As of 11/14/2018

ABV 7% / IBU 60 / SRM 15

Aroma is a mix of rich malt and hoppy bitterness, giving way to notes of Canteloupe, Bergamot and Black Pepper. Medium body and mouthfeel. Flavor begins with a rich, complex maltiness that proceeds into floral hoppiness before finishing with notes reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.

ABV 4.5% / IBU 15 / SRM 3

Malty sweetness dominates the aroma. Light bodied and easy drinking with a dry finish. The mixture of wheat, barley and corn creates a smooth flavor that gives way to mild hop bitterness.

ABV 5.5% / IBU 100+ / SRM 10

The aroma is reminiscent of baked lemon tart with hints of grass. The body is light with a crisp mouthfeel. Significant hop bitterness leads on the tip of the tongue, accentuated by the tartness of the acidulated malt. Malty sweetness balances hop flavors of earth, grass, butter cream and black pepper. A bitter hop astringency carries through the end.

ABV 4.5% / IBU 5 / SRM 1

Aroma is rich and fruity with notes of watermelon.  Mouthfeel is bright, dry, and crisp.  Flavor is dominated by sourness before unfolding into sweet, salted watermelon.

ABV 6% / IBU 20 / SRM 10

40% of the Vienna malt base was smoked with Cherry, Apple, and Hickory woods, which dominate the aroma but are followed by a hint of citrus.  Full-bodied with a crisp mouthfeel. The flavor leads with heavy smokiness before giving way to a complex combination of hoppy citrus notes and malty sweetness.

The Market is Dual Citizen’s first ever collaboration beer.  We were pleased to be approached by chefs from both OCTO Fish Bar and The Cooks Collaborative regarding this joint endeavor.  We first smoked the malt in-house at OCTO Fish Bar, located in Lowertown St. Paul, then invited the teams from OCTO and Cooks Collab over to assist in the brew.  We threw block-party at the taproom featuring a menu by Chefs Nick Vasquez and Grant Nelson, designed to pair with the Market.  You can find this beer on tap at both Dual Citizen and OCTO.

ABV 6.5% / IBU 75 / SRM 10

Aroma is bright and fruity, with notes of apricot, grapefruit, and fresh-cut grass.  Body is light with a crisp mouthfeel.  Flavors of sweet apricot from the yeast and hops co-mingle before being pushed aside by tangy grapefruit that fades into hints of wood resin and fresh-cut grass. 

ABV 8.5% / IBU 35 / SRM 15

Malt forward aroma and flavor are balanced against mild hoppy bitterness. Medium bodied with a smooth finish with little evidence of the alcohol.

A collaboration with The Big Wu, celebrating the release of Kick In the Head, the first single from their forthcoming album.

ABV 7% / IBU 25 / SRM 12

Rich, deep, and complex malt aromas and flavors dominate this beer. Full bodied with a dry finish. Malty sweetness is balanced by noble hop bitterness and notes of black pepper. Lagered for 60 days.

ABV 8% / IBU 60 / SRM 45

Aromas of chocolate and deep roast, balance notes of rich malt.  Heavy body with a creamy mouthfeel. Flavors of coffee and chocolate conspire with malty sweetness to hide the heat of the alcohol, creating a balanced & quaffable beverage that finishes with a mild roast astringency.

ABV 8% / IBU 25 / SRM 11

Aroma is rich and malty with notes of honey.  Medium bodied with a crisp mouthfeel.  Rustic flavors of earth and hay from the yeast play with black pepper before giving way to floral citrus for an experience that is complex but well balanced.

A collaboration with 8-Bit Bros Podcast.

ABV 6.5% / IBU 40 / SRM 20

The aroma is a mixture of coffee and rich malty sweetness with hints of vanilla. Heavy bodied with a creamy mouthfeel. Coffee dominates the flavor before giving way to the malt backbone of the beer. Some bitterness from the hops is evident. Hints of vanilla and roast linger on the tongue.

ABV 5% / IBU 40 / SRM 40

Aroma of roasted malt and vanilla sweetness. Medium bodied with a sweet finish. Flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and a mild roast astringency come together for a sessionable beverage with enough warmth for the winter months.

ABV 10% / IBU 60 / SRM 45

Aged in Vikre Sugarbush Whiskey Barrels for 4 months. Aromas of chocolate, deep roast, molasses and vanilla balance notes of rich malt.  Heavy body with a creamy mouthfeel. Flavors of coffee, chocolate, and oak conspire with malty sweetness to hide the heat of the alcohol, creating a balanced & quaffable beverage that finishes with a mild woodiness.

Firkin and Cask Program

Did you know that Dual Citizen Brewing Company features a different firkin on our beer engine all of the time? Our cask program allows us to infuse different flavors into your favorite beers from our menu. We add fruit, hops, spices, and other adjuncts to a production beer in a special keg and allow it to naturally carbonate and absorb the flavors over a two week period. Cask beers traditionally have a slightly lower carbonation than draught beers and are served at 55℉. The combination of warmer temperature and lower carbonation allows the nuances of the flavors to fully present themselves, providing a completely unique drinking experience. Each firkin is a one of a kind creation and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Check out our list of upcoming firkins to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these limited edition beers!

A firkin is a cask used by British brewers for delivery of cask-conditioned beer to the pub. A firkin holds a quarter of a barrel (9 Imperial gal; 10.8 US gal, 41 l). A firkin was originally coopered from wooden staves bound with iron hoops, but is now more commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum. Like all proper casks, it has a hole in one of the curved sides, to which a wooden or plastic bung (“shive”) is fitted when the cask is filled. There is a smaller hole in one of the flat ends, or “heads,” of the cask, which is also bunged. The bung is knocked out by the tap when the cask is broached. Although other sizes of cask are also used, the firkin is by far the most common.

A beer engine, also known as a hand pump, is a uniquely British dispensing device that is specifically appropriate for traditional cask-conditioned ales. The beer engine is a piston pump that allows the casks to be kept in a cooler cellar below the bar and the beer to be pulled or drawn up to the bar. Cask-conditioned beers have lower carbonation than standard beers because they are usually served at about 11°C to 14°C (approximately 52°F to 57°F). If a cask-conditioned ale were served through a standard dispensing system, the gas pressure and colder temperature would increase the carbonation of the beer, which would then lose its ideal balance of flavors.

Firkin Tap List


11/14 Wesley: White Chocolate Stout w/ Raspberry


Kellogg: Cream Ale w/ Peaches & Vanilla (Peaches & Cream)



We have our own growlers and crowlers available for purchase and filling. In addition, we will happily fill any clean 64oz or 750mL growler. All of our beers are available in both sizes, the only real stipulation is that they must be purchased and off our premise by 10pm.